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Tip Top Roofers and Builders Limited deal with all aspects of Roofing, repairs & upgrades in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire & London


Tip Top Roofers and Builders Limited for all your roofing repairs and upgrades.

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We deal with all roofing repairs and roofing upgrades, from replacing loose, broken or missing roof tiles to new roof installations.

Poorly fitted or poorly constructed roofing will cost a fortune in repairs and replacement bills, not to mention the stress and anxiety that goes with it..

We believe in providing the best possible customer service and all our roofing products are fully guaranteed.

No Job is too small or too large.

We are a professional team of roofers, with years of experience in all aspects of roofing.

We consider ourselves to be a friendly and approachable company, and our aim is to ensure that we do a professional first class job.

We are a family run business and are customer focused.

Roofing, Repairs, Fascias, Soffits, Chimney, Felt, Rubber, Verges, Ridges, Re-Roof, Roofs, Building, Guttering, Repairs

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We are based in Broxbourne in Hertfordshire.

We work throughout a 30 mile radius of Broxbourne

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Roofing Services

Call Tip Top Roofers and Builders Limited if you need help or repairs:

We repair Chimney damage, Re-point Chimneys, Replace Broken or Missing Tiles, Build new roofs, Re-Roof.

Repair or install Flat Roofs, Repair or upgrade Verges & Ridges, Clean Gutters, Repair or install Gutters/down pipes. Valley and lead repairs.

Roofing Repairs Page

  Roof Repairs


Flat Roofing:

Quality, Thick Felt and the best Fine Rubber materials.


We repair or install the traditional felt (mineral felt) flat roofing.


We install rubber roofing


We also install fibreglass roofing

Whatever the type of flat roofing you have, we are able to install a roofing system to suit you and your budget.

  Flat Roofing

Garage Repairs

We repair or install garage roofs.

There is a choice of roofing materials for garage roofs.

Re-point brickwork, if required.

Roof Cleaning & Coating

We clean debris, moss etc. off the roof. Moss growth can help prevent the water from dispersing from the roof and any collection of water can eventually seep into the wooden components of the roof. Birds also like to dine on the insects the moss attracts, which can cause problems with moss getting caught in the gutters. Apart from aesthetically pleasing to the eye, cleaning also helps to prolong the roof tiles life span. 

We also provide a roof coating service.

  Roof Coating


The soffits are positioned under the roof line and are usually seen from below.

They can also be ventilated to allow for air flow to help prevent condensation.

We can carry out repairs or install soffit upgrades.

  Fascia & Soffits


Fascias are part of the roofline.  The guttering is usually attached to the fascias.

We repair fascias and we install new upvc upgrades.

Quality uPVC Roofing products

  Fascia & Soffits

We carry out roof verge repairs verges and re-bed ridge tiles.  We clean the old mortar away and replace with new mortar to secure the ridge tiles and replace the mortar on the verges.
Dry Ridge & Dry Verge

We install Dry Ridge and Dry Verge systems which are more durable and require very little maintenance unlike the old mortar systems.

See our Dry Ridge & Dry Verge page for further information.

uPVC Gutters & Water Pipes

We repair or install gutters and downpipes.

We also provide a Gutter Cleaning Service - gutters form an important part of the roofing system.  They allow the rain water to flow from the roof, and into the gutters where it flows into the downpipes and finally into the drains.  Any blockages, from dirt, debris, leaves etc. can stop the flow of rain water and cause damage to the roof space, brickwork and even the foundations of the building.

  Fascia & Soffits

Tiles Replaced

We replace missing or broken tiles.  A small repair or replacement corrected early will often prevent a much larger repair if left.  Leaving any small repairs unchecked can lead to more expensive repairs at a later date.

We undertake repairs and also build new roofs or re-roof.

Best quality tiles and roof products.

Chimney Repairs

We repair and re-point Chimney stacks.

We also remove chimneys, if necessary.

With regards to Chimney Brick Work, please take action as soon as you are able to.  Our team can inspect your chimney structure and provide you with essential repairs before the chimney falls into disrepair which can lead to loose brickwork and a danger of it falling, damaging your roof and what's below.

  Chimney Repairs

Areas We Cover

We work throughout Broxbourne and within a 30 mile radius