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uPVC Fascia & Soffits

Adding a fresh roofline can be like a facelift to the outside of the house, instantly providing a clean and modern look whether it’s a first installation or a replacement of an old system. Classic white PVC still rules the market but new options coming onto the market offer profiles designed to look like mahogany, oak, rosewood and plain black.

 Fascias are traditionally a softwood board which is mounted to the exposed edges of your rafters, however in recent years this has been replaced with high grade uPVC as softwood has a tendency to rot. The purpose of a fascia is to protect and seal the roof and the interior of your home from exposure to the elements, to support roof tiles at an eaves level and to provide support for the guttering. Fascias also serve a cosmetic purpose, and are much nicer to look at than exposed rafters. Modern options come in a range of styles and colours, bargeboards can be highly decorative and even flat fascias have options with designs carved and grooved into them.
Soffits are the essential support to the roofline which links the fascias and bargeboards to the wall, soffits can be vented to allow airflow and ventilation in the loft space. A soffit is a covering which sits between the outer edges of your roof and the adjacent wall of the house, protecting and sealing the rafter feet. If your roof has a soffit (not all do), you will be able to see it if you stand underneath the overhang of your roof and look up. Modern soffits are usually made of uPVC. UPVC soffits and fascias are hardwearing and cope well with exposure to moisture. Wooden soffits are a popular rustic or period feature, but they are more likely to rot and decay quickly, threatening the integrity of the rest of the roof structure.

Dry Systems

Dry Verge

Dry verge systems help avoid these defects and the need for periodic maintenance of the mortar bedding. For many tiles, special 'cloaked verge' tiles are available which neatly close the gap at the verge. Alternatively plastic dry verge systems are available which suit most tiles.

These are available in single units, ie one piece per tile course, or in continuous lengths. These are attractive and highly functional ways to improving the overall appearance of your roof. The systems are easy-to-use and provide a neat, secure and mortar-less finish at roof verges.

A dry verge system will also reduce the risk of wind damage, water penetration and will stop small animals getting into the roof space.

Dry Ridge

Dry Ridge systems come in a variety of designs but offer a similar level of performance. When using dry ridge systems the mortar joints between ridge tiles are replaced by plastic inserts, known as unions, that create the visual appearance of a mortar joint but have a hidden weather proofing system that carries away the water. The next significant component of a dry ridge system sits between the ridges and the tiles of the roof slope. This part of the system usually includes a ventilated strip that ensures moisture laden air is vented from under the tiles.

uPVC Applications

UPVC Roofline Products: For Repairs, upgrades of Fascias & Soffits.
We specialise in supplying high quality, stylish and attractive fascias and soffits for domestic, commercial and industrial properties.

Fascias and soffit options are highly cost effective and reliable.

We are able to offer a complete range of precision-manufactured, attractive, high-performance roofline components, window trims, skirting boards, roof trims, exterior and internal cladding, plus all the accessories required to complete any installation.

Save money on repairs and maintenance buy installing fascias, soffits to your home. We can provide a range of fascias and soffits to protect your home from the damage that birds cause to concrete.

Your gutters play a very important role in terms of keeping your home dry and properly maintained. Gutters direct rainfall away from the home and keep walls from getting damp. Our team are more than happy to offer advice in terms of what colours and styles to choose. uPVC Gutters in particular have a high resistance to weather and wear compared to traditional steel or aluminium solutions.


 Fascia and Soffit Boards, External roofline Cladding Systems, Guttering Systems including UPVC Guttering, Driveway Channel Drainage, Window Trims, Architraves, Silicones and sealants.
Specialising in Guttering systems and PVC building products including rainwater systems, wood grain fascias and white PVC fascias and soffits.

All of the products that we work with are precision-manufactured components and are designed for:
Long-life durability,
Ease of installation
Available in a vast range of colours and woodgrain finishes to suit any property.
What’s more, the fascias, soffits, guttering, claddings and trims are all exactly colour-matched with all our window, door and conservatory products at your home or office.


  • Durable, Long Lasting
  • Designed to endure the strongest winds in the UK
  • Easy to install so reduces the labour time significantly
  • Condensation problems are easily solved
  • No maintenance
  • Choice of colours and styles
  • Prevent birds etc. from entering the roof space
  • Waterproof

All our work is of the highest quality and is guaranteed. 

We are fully insured.