Roofing Repairs

Tiptop Roofers - Roof Repairs

Repair Types


Tiptop Roofers provide Roofing and Property Maintenance: A wide range of repair types based on the wide variety of roofing systems available:

  • Pitched Roofs & Tiles Repaired
  • Flat Roofs Fixed
  • Gutters Replaced
  • Fascias Upgraded
  • Soffits Upgraded
  • Chimney Stack Repairs
  • Full Re-Roof
  • Garage Repairs


Chimney repair and rebuilding requires extensive knowledge of masonry, venting systems and requirements, chimney lining, cement crown work.

Chimneys take the brunt of the weather and eventually the mortar between the brick work will require repairing.  We can inspect the Chimney for you and report on whether it requires attention or not.  It is better to deal with a small repair, like necessary re-pointing work, rather than leave it until the mortar cracks and crumbles and loosens the bricks, which can lead to a chimney falling and damaging your roof and anything underneath it. A small cheap repair is now is better than a more expensive repair if left. 


  • Stabilize the Chimney
  • Re-point Chimney
  • Replace loose or missing Tiles
  • Renew Tiles
  • Re-new Roof
  • Flat Roof - repairs and installations
  • Re-Felt
  • Clear Gutters - essential to keep the rain water flowing into the drains
  • Re-install Gutters
  • Garage Repairs

Roof Coatings

Tiptop Roofers carry out all roofing repairs and upgrades.

Pitched roofs are susceptible to damage during a storm due to fallen branches and even blown over trees. Tree damage can result in caved in roofs that require immediate attention to prevent any further property damage to your home's interior and even external structure. Emergency roof repair calls are important to us so we attend fully equipped, ready to handle even the most extreme situations.