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Ground Works

We are a family firm and have been in business for 35 years and therefore, we are able to provide a number of building and construction services. Although we specialise in roofing we do have a groundwork team and build driveways, drop kerbs, steps, patios, pathways, drainage, fencing, walls and general building work.

We make sure that all tasks are finished to a high standard.


What we do.....

Ground Works

Driveways, Paths & Patios


Quality Block Paving

Quality Concrete Products

Indian Sandstone Paving

Paving slabs


Ground Works

Because we are a family firm, we are able to provide a number of building and construction services.

We specialise in groundwork and the construction of driveways, drop kerbs, patios, pathways, fencing, drainage and general building.

We ensure that all our jobs are finished to a high standard.


Quality Block Paving

Indian Sandstone Paving

Paving Slabs

Block Paving is a superb material for driveways, paths and patios.

There is a variety of colours, shapes, sizes and styles of block paving to choose from.

Edgings also come in a variety of materials, to compliment or contrast.


Why not have a patio built, a variety of materials can be used to provide a patio area.  It brings a more maintenance free area to any landscape while at the same time provides an area to entertain family and friends or just to relax in.  A patio is becoming a 'must have' area in the garden.


Paths can be incorporated to 'fit in' with the driveway, using the same materials.  Garden paths also divide the garden area and provide an easier access for wheelchair users.

Garden Maintenance

We carry out all types of garden maintenance and landscaping.


We lay good quality turfing.  The same preparation goes into laying a lawn, whether you are using seed or laying ready made turf.

With ready made turf, you have a lawn straight away, without waiting for the seeds to grow and much more maintenance is required with scattering seeds.  You will still need to water and care for the ready made turf to allow it to become established.

Artificial Turfing

Artificial turfing is becoming popular and there is a choice available.

No more mowing, and it is child friendly, pet friendly and you can have a lawn all year round.


We build walls, and re-point brick work.

Walls also provide a boundary between neighbours.  

Garden walls can be incorporated into the landscape to divide areas within the garden, or planters can be built for ease of maintenance.  

Indian Sandstone is a natural paving stone, used for driveways, paths and patios.

Tree Care

We provide a tree care service, dealing with all types of trees and hedgerow.

From trimming, pruning, removing branches, thinning where necessary to complete removals if warranted. 

Tree Removal

Sometimes it is necessary to remove/fell trees, especially if they are diseased or causing problems.

Some of the signs to look for are dead or diseased trees, 
No buds on the trees
Holes in the trunk
Dead branches or awkwardly sited branches
Cracks or holes in the tree trunk
Fungi that are causing the tree to decay

Tree Stump Removal

After removing the tree itself, we can ground the stump back to ground and treat to ensure it doesn't grown back. 

It is advisable, once a tree has been felled to remove the stump to avoid fungi or root diseases from growing.

It is best to treat the stumps at the time when the tree has been removed since the chemical treatments are more likely to work on freshly cut wood, if this process is delayed then the stump will need further cutting for the chemicals to be effective.

If the stump is not treated, new shoots can emerge and the tree will continue to grow.

Small trees can usually be pulled out using specialist equipment, such as a winch or mini excavators can be used.

Stumps can be ground down, treated, and the roots will naturally rot.

We install a variety of styles of fencing.

There are different heights, styles and materials to choose from.

Fencing provides a boundary between properties as well as providing privacy.

Fencing the garden provides a safer area for children to play in and also to keep pets enclosed.

Fencing is a cheaper alternative to building a brick wall.



We provide a cleaning service for:





We also provide a driveway sealing service to protect the surface of the driveway from weeds for a longer period.

Sealing a driveway also enhances the colour.