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Block pave driveway with path incorporated - just a little excess sand to brush away.

(Herringbone design and built using red and grey block pavers with grey edgings).

Is it time for a new driveway?

Looking to give your existing driveway a new lease of life?

Fed up of parking on the road in front of your property, why not convert your front garden into a driveway!

We offer many years experience, and have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to creating beautiful driveways.

Driveways can be built using a variety of materials and products. 

We specifically install:

Block Paving Drives

Indian Sandstone Paving

Gravel Drives

Why not have a combination of materials!

Long lasting and durable, it is available in a wide range of block styles, colours and textures and can be laid in almost any pattern you specify.


Block paved driveway using grey block paving and red block pave edgings.

Whatever the type of driveway that is installed

It is important to lay/install water drainage products (if required).

Drain/Manhole Covers

If you have a drain/manhole cover situated where your driveway needs installing, the cover itself can be re-installed using the same materials as your driveway or patio.

There are different kinds of manhole cover, solid tops, recessed and convertible.

For driveways, the weight strength of the manhole cover has to be taken into consideration.   The shapes of the covers are round, square and oblong.  The costs are dependable on the weight of the vehicles that will use the driveway i.e. is the driveway for public or private use, commercial vehicle drives will need a stronger manhole cover than a private drive.

The recessed manhole covers are usual for a driveway as it allows space for the material to be incorporated into it.  So instead of the manhole cover standing out, it can be incorporated into the driveway design and blend in more.  If your manhole cover is in your garden, then a recessed cover would be ideal since turf can be placed inside the cover and not only disguise the drain cover but blend into the lawn.

If you have a circular manhole cover it can be converted into a square or oblong cover, which makes it easier for the installation of the driveway and for the overall look as it blends in.

Block paving is a very popular choice for both domestic and commercial properties

It is an excellent product for driveways, paths & patios

As block paving is a manufactured product it also means that it is uniformed and well suited for its practical use

Aesthetically Pleasing to the eye

Weatherproof - it is able to withstand our changeable weather

Able to withstand the wear and tear of vehicles


Available in different sizes, shape , colour and design

Enhances any property, and may even add value to your property

Long lasting

Requires little maintenance

Should any of the blocks become damaged or oil stained, they can be replaced without lifting the whole driveway

We remove all types of old driveway products.

We can upgrade, install new, or re-vive your driveway.

We can add Garden Walls, Garden Steps or doorway steps.

We always install edges to your driveway or pathway.

We install a variety of edgings when installing driveways.

The edgings are available in a variety of shapes, colours and styles.

Taking care of your Driveway

Although there is very little maintenance required.  Gradually, over time, dirt, debris, leaves and moss or weed growth will gather on the driveway, path or patio.


We provide a cleaning service that will bring your driveway, path or patio back to its natural state.

We initially tackle the weeds before we thoroughly clean the driveway, path or patio.

We can treat the area to help keep the weeds at bay for longer.


For Block Paving we provide a re-sanding service.

The wind and rain can wash away some of the sand between the joints of the block paving surface.  This is normal wear and tear, however, there usually remains some of the kiln dried sand.  After cleaning the driveway, and allowing it to dry, we brush in new kiln dried sand between the joints of the block pavers to help keep the block paving stable and allow for the natural movement of the blocks when you park or drive your vehicle on the driveway.  


We also provide a sealing service for driveways.

After the cleaning and drying process, we can seal the driveway.  This procedure is the covering of the driveway surface; which will help keep the weeds away for longer as well as  enhancing the colour of the driveway. 

Call us for more information on:



Block Pave Maintenance

Block paving will require a little maintenance, it helps to prolong the lifespan.  As time goes by, with the weather conditions taking its toll and dirt, leaves, moss and algae form, a little maintenance soon brings it back to its former glory.  We have the equipment and the expertise, so let the experts deal with it.  Our services include:

Cleaning Service where we thoroughly clean the driveway, path or patio, removing all the dirt, debris, moss and algae growth.

Cleaning and Re-sanding Service, where after cleaning we provide a re-sanding service.  Over time the sand between the block pavers diminishes and although there are usually some sand particles there it pays to have it topped up with kiln dried sand.  This helps stabilise the blocks and allows for the natural movement of vehicles driving and parking on the surface.

Cleaning, Re-sanding and Sealing Service, after cleaning and re-sanding we provide a sealing service which helps keep the weed growth away for longer and enhances the colour of the block pavers.