Tiptop Roofers and Builders Limited - Driveway Maintenance


Block Pave Maintenance

Block paving will require a little maintenance, it helps to prolong the lifespan.  As time goes by, with the weather conditions taking its toll and dirt, leaves, moss and algae form, a little maintenance soon brings it back to its former glory.  We have the equipment and the expertise, so let the experts deal with it.  Our services include:

Cleaning Service where we thoroughly clean the driveway, path or patio, removing all the dirt, debris, moss and algae growth.

Cleaning and Re-sanding Service, where after cleaning we provide a re-sanding service.  Over time the sand between the block pavers diminishes and although there are usually some sand particles there it pays to have it topped up with kiln dried sand.  This helps stabilise the blocks and allows for the natural movement of vehicles driving and parking on the surface.

Cleaning, Re-sanding and Sealing Service, after cleaning and re-sanding we provide a sealing service which helps keep the weed growth away for longer and enhances the colour of the block pavers.